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Computer Applications Technology (CAT)

The ability to use computers is no longer an option or luxury in today’s technology-reliant business environment. At our online school, we understand that all levels of business, from entry-level to management, involve some degree of computer-based work, ranging from sending an email and creating spreadsheets to setting up a local network and analysing data. As learners at Curro Online get to learn from home, they get a quality online education through live lessons with teachers.

Computer Applications Technology (CAT) at Curro Online
Computer Applications Technology teaches children who learn from home to use end-user computing applications in different sectors of society. Through online learning, it allows learners at Curro Online to function in the technology-rich workplace beyond fields that rely heavily on advanced computer-based skills. Through our approach to quality online education, we provide learners with 21st-century skills that will allow them to thrive in the world of computer-based work.

Through our online learning model, we provide learners with an exceptional set of skills to use communication technology in a practical manner. As children learn from home, our live lessons and learning platform inherently provides them with 21st-century skills and teaches the vast benefits of using technology.

What will children learn?
At Curro Online, learners will gain knowledge and skills needed to understand and work with computers. Software taught our online school starts with MS Word (word processing) MS Excel (spreadsheets), MS Access (databases), MS PowerPoint (presentations) and HTML (web design), and later expands to more intricate components of communications technology.

The theory component covers the history and development of computers and components such as the Internet, software, and interconnected hardware, while the practical component taught through live lessons ensure that learners are proficient in using various types of interconnected computer technology.

Why choose Computer Applications Technology (CAT) from Grade 10?
CAT has strong links to all the other subjects offered at our online school, and to all spheres of life. At the end of Grade 12, learners will possess advanced 21st-century skills in using Microsoft Office applications, and will be able to apply their skills to other software applications. We provide learners with great independent skills in using computers. By completing this subject through online learning, learners will have an advantage in whatever career they choose.

What are the career opportunities?
Computer technician, network technician, data processor, personal assistant, most careers that include a computer component.

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    4 to 10

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    07:30 – 14:30

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    R3 680 – R4 200

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