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Creative Arts

Creative Arts at Curro Online
Creative Arts at our online school exposes learners up to Grade 9 to a range of art forms, focused on visual arts and drama, and touching on dance and music through quality online education. The main purpose of the subject at Curro Online is to equip children who learn from home with modern skills so that they can become creative, imaginative individuals who appreciate the arts and have the basic knowledge and skills to participate in arts activities.

As learners at Curro Online get to learn from home, they gain modern skills and quality online education through live lessons with teachers. Our teachers apply creative methods to ensure that learners are able to apply and develop their creativity in an artistic manner.

What does Creative Arts entail?
At Curro Online, our learners gain quality online education through the nature of our online school model. Our learners will be exposed to modern skills and theoretical and practical elements of a range of art forms, including dance, drama, music, and visual arts (design and crafts). As they learn from home, learners at our online school will learn how to initiate, create, and appreciate original and existing art in its various forms, and express themselves in a creative manner. The subject greatly boosts learners’ creativity, which helps them develop problem-solving skills beyond the context of the classroom.

What are the career opportunities?
Art history, appraisal, choreographer, dancer, fashion designer, film and sound technician, graphic designer, interior designer, musician, print/digital media, photographer, product designer, web designer.

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    4 to 10

    School times:
    07:30 – 14:30

    Class size:
    25 max

    R3 680 – R4 200

    Matric exam:

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