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Economic and Management Sciences

Economic and Management Sciences at our online school consists of two components, namely Accounting and Business Studies.

As our learners get to learn from home, they get quality online education in Business Studies and Accounting. Through live lessons with teachers, our learners gain insight into current affairs by discussing issues such as foreign exchange rates, shares, the evolution of entrepreneurship and self-employment, which helps them relate the learning material to the world around them.

What does Accounting entail?
At Curro Online, Accounting focuses on processing and communicating financial information. It deals with logical, systematic and accurate selection of recording financial information as well as analysing and interpreting financial and managerial reports. Through live lessons, the subject develops our learners’ knowledge, skills, values, attitudes and ability to make meaningful and informed personal and collaborative financial decisions in the economic and social environment. Our approach ensures quality online education for children who learn from home.

As a component of Economic and Management Sciences, topics covered at our online school include accounting concepts, manual/electronic recording procedures, tax calculations and applications, debtors and creditors, reconciliations, and analysis of published financial statements.

What does Business Studies entail?
Economic growth and personal financial empowerment depend largely on the positive contributions to the economy by businesses and individuals. Through quality online education, the subject deals with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values critical for informed, productive, ethical and responsible participation in the formal and informal economic sectors. At Curro Online, the subject is offered through live lessons to children who learn from home, and encompasses business principles, theory and practice that underpin the development of entrepreneurial initiatives, sustainable enterprises and economic growth.

As a component of Economic and Management Sciences, topics covered at our online school include entrepreneurship, management and leadership, conflict management, change management, labour relations, human resource management, corporate social responsibility, marketing and business plans.

What are the career opportunities?
Auctioneer, accountant, banking services, bookkeeper, chartered accountant, chief financial officer, entrepreneur, financial accountant, industrial buyer, production manager, retail sales executive, state accountant, systems analyst, teacher.

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