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English Home Language

English is the chosen language for international communication, especially in the business world. Spoken or understood by billions of people, and as the standard language for web-based communication, English opens up opportunities across all sectors and countries. The subject allows children who learn from home at our online school to communicate effectively and advances their role as globally-competitive citizens through quality online education.

English Home Language at Curro Online
As learners at Curro Online get to learn from home, they gain quality online education as well as modern skills such as web-based communication, as all lessons are held online. The subject focuses on oral skills (listening, comprehension, reading, speaking), literature (novels, stories, poetry, film), writing (creative, practical) and language (summarising, editing, persuasive and visual communication) – all of which are essential for international communication. It also fosters critical language awareness, which helps learners engage and communicate more effectively.

English is the subject that underpins all other subjects and the basics of web-based communication, which is at the core of our online school. As part of our commitment to quality online education, the subject teaches learners at Curro Online to understand the world around them and respond in an appropriate manner.

What will learners gain?
At Curro Online, we provide children who learn from home with the necessary language skills to master basic interpersonal communication in social situations, and the cognitive academic skills required for learning across the curriculum. Our online school also provides learners with a literary, aesthetic and imaginative ability to recreate, imagine, and empower their understandings of the world they live in, which is greatly reliant on web-based communication.

What are the career opportunities?
Writing and speaking in fluent English opens up doors to virtually any industry in the world, as English is the language of international communication. Career opportunities focused on English itself could include editor, proofreader, copywriter, interpreter, journalist, legal adviser, legal administrator, media broadcaster, public relations officer, marketer, author, publisher, tour guide, translator, researcher, lecturer, teacher, and more.

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    4 to 10

    School times:
    07:30 – 14:30

    Class size:
    25 max

    R3 680 – R4 200

    Matric exam:

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    Megan Rademeyer

    Geraldine Venter
    Helen Druce
    Liesel Bongers
    Renate van Tonder

    Rosie Cumming
    Siphesihle Tshabalala
    Yvette Boyd
    Ulrich Wissdorf