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isiZulu First Additional Language

As one of the major spoken languages in South Africa, isiZulu is used in social environments as well as in professional environments for corporate communication. Organisations in the country need to accommodate isiZulu-speaking customers or employees and, therefore, have added speaking isiZulu as a required or advantageous skill to many job descriptions that include corporate communication – especially in industries that deal directly with the greater public. At Curro Online, our isiZulu lessons provide learners with a quality online education in the language that prepares them for this reality while they learn from home.

isiZulu at Curro Online
As learners at our online school get to learn from home, they gain quality online education as well as written and spoken skills (language structure and conventions) to confidently engage in society and workplace corporate communication. They may be expected to communicate with the teacher and their online school classmates in isiZulu to some extent during isiZulu lessons, so that they grow comfortable in speaking the language.

What will learners gain?
During our isiZulu lessons, we focus on comprehension (listen and understand), speaking (oral, dialogue), reading and writing, and language (spelling, basic phonics) with the goal of allowing learners to seamlessly understand and communicate in the language. By getting a quality online education of this nature, learners at Curro Online will be able to integrate into social and professional environments effortlessly and fluently. As language is a medium through which relationships are built and cultural diversity appreciated, children who learn from home at our online school will benefit in particular from this socially-boosting subject.

What are the career opportunities?
Interpreter, journalist, media broadcaster, liaison, marketer, translator, customer service agent, teacher’s assistant (generally advantageous on a CV).

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    4 to 10

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    07:30 – 14:30

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    25 max

    R3 680 – R4 200

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