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Life Orientation

Life Orientation at Curro Online
Life Orientation is the holistic study of the self in relation to others and to society. It develops learners’ online interpersonal skills and prepares them for life’s responsibilities and possibilities. As learners at Curro Online get to learn from home, we go to great efforts to ensure that their quality online education covers the foundations for personal growth. During their live lessons, our teachers present the subject content in a manner that is interesting and stimulating, yet tailored to a framework that is relevant in their daily lives.

What does Life Orientation entail?
At Curro Online, Life Orientation applies a holistic approach to the intellectual, emotional, spiritual, physical and personal growth, as well as the development of online interpersonal skills which are essential to the personal well-being of learners at our online school. Through quality online education, the subject encourages the development of a balanced and confident individual who can contribute to a just and democratic society, a productive economy and an improved quality of life. Furthermore, we focus on personal skills such as confidence, presentation skills, and etiquette.

At our online school, children learn from home. Therefore, they are encouraged to participate fully during live lessons by sharing their views and feelings about the topic under discussion and classes are thus interactive and stimulating for all. Through this approach, they develop great online interpersonal skills such as interpreting the opinions of others and providing appropriate responses or rebuttles. Modern society holds a myriad of challenges for learners entering the job market; successfully negotiating this landscape is crucial to their success. Therefore, our unique approach provides learners with online interpersonal skills As part of our commitment to quality online education, Life Orientation at Curro Online strives to encourage children who learn from home to develop the skills required to cope successfully with these challenges.

Topics covered at our online school through live lessons include personal well-being, human rights, diversity, religion, self-awareness, careers and career choices, causes and prevention of social ills or environmental sustainability, and several other topics that learners might face in their lives.

What are the career opportunities?
Counsellor, human resources, social worker, motivational speaker, researcher, teacher.

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    4 to 10

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    07:30 – 14:30

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    25 max

    R3 680 – R4 200

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