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Mathematics at Curro Online
Mathematics is a global language that uses symbols and notations to describe numerical, geometric and graphical relationships. It involves observing, representing and investigating patterns and relationships between physical or social phenomena and mathematical objects. It enhances logical and critical thinking, as well as accuracy and problem-solving skills.

What will children learn?
Learners will collect, analyse and organise quantitative data to evaluate and critique conclusions; use mathematical process skills to identify, investigate and solve problems creatively and critically; and communicate by using descriptions in words, graphs, symbols, tables and diagrams.

What are the career opportunities?
Actuary, architect, data analyst, dentist, engineer, information technologist, game developer, medical doctor, pharmacist, pilot, physicist, scientist, technician, technologist, town planner.

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    Quick Facts

    4 to 10

    School times:
    07:30 – 14:30

    14:45 – 17:00

    Class size:
    15 max

    R3 500 – R4 000

    Matric exam:

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    Stephan Willers

    Claire Nicholls
    Donne Nortje
    Gerda Murray
    Lacehelle Herbst
    Larisse Naidoo
    Lindelwa Mogano
    Izuchukwu Okoye-Ogbalu