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Natural Sciences

Natural Sciences at Curro Online
Natural Sciences consists of two components, namely Life Sciences (Biology) and Physical Sciences (Physics and Chemistry). Life Sciences enables learners to investigate life at molecular, cellular and tissue level, while Physical Sciences equips them with the skills to investigate physical and chemical phenomena.

What will children learn?
Life Sciences: The study of human physiology,

Physical Sciences: The study of mechanics, waves, electricity, matter, chemical systems, and more.

What are the career opportunities?
Architect, bio-chemist, biotechnology, botanist, dentist, dietician, engineer, marine biologist, medical doctor, microbiologist, nurse, pharmacist, physicist, physiotherapist, town planner, zoologist.

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    4 to 10

    School times:
    07:30 – 14:30

    14:45 – 17:00

    Class size:
    15 max

    R3 500 – R4 000

    Matric exam:

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