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Natural Sciences

The field of natural science in practise involves physics, chemistry, and biology. Through these components, children who learn from home get an elevated online learning experience in the understanding, predicting, and researching things that occur naturally on earth and in the universe.

Natural Sciences at Curro Online
Natural Sciences at our online school consists of two components, namely Life Sciences and Physical Sciences. As our learners get to learn from home, they get quality online education in Life Sciences and Physical Sciences through live lessons with teachers.

What does Life Sciences entail?
At Curro Online, we cover the study of living things from molecular level to their interactions with one another and their environments. The scientific method explored in this subject through online learning includes formulating hypotheses and carrying out investigations and experiments as objectively as possible to test these hypotheses. With our approach to quality online education, repeated investigations are carried out and adapted. The methods and results are analysed, evaluated, and debated before the community of scientists accepts them as valid.

At our online school, the online learning content includes human physiology and diseases, evolution, tissues, cells and molecular studies, structures and the processes in basic life systems and environmental studies, and more, all presented through live lessons with teachers.

What does Physical Sciences entail?
At Curro Online, Physical Sciences encompasses two aspects, namely Physics and Chemistry. Chemistry essentially considers the make-up and interaction of materials, while Physics broadly studies the effect of motion, forces and other phenomena (such as heat and electricity) in our daily lives. Chemistry relies significantly on the application of a large content base, while Physics generally tests thinking and mathematical skills.

Through our approach to quality online education, topics covered by children who learn from home through our online school include mechanics, waves, electricity, magnetism, matter, chemical changes and systems, and more, all presented through live lessons with teachers.

What are the career opportunities?
Archaeology, conservationist, environmental journalism, environmental planning, geographical information services, historian, lecturing, political sciences, rural and urban planning, map making, weather bureau, tour guide, travel agent, town planning.

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