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Social Sciences

Social Sciences at Curro Online
Social Sciences consists of two components, namely History and Geography. History provides a critical understanding on socio-economic systems and the development of social constructs, while Geography provides knowledge and understanding of the world’s people, places, and environments, that gives learners a hand in understanding and shaping the world around them.

What will children learn?

History: History of the country and the world, development of socio-economic systems, factual and ethical matters in the past, and more.

Geography: Map work, weather and climate, people and economics, ecosystems, archaeology, geology and town/regional planning, and more.

What are the career opportunities?

Archeology, conservationist, environmental journalism, environmental planning, geographical information services, historian, lecturing, political sciences, rural and urban planning, map making, weather bureau, tour guide, travel agent, town planning.

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    4 to 10

    School times:
    07:30 – 14:30

    Class size:
    25 max

    R3 680 – R4 200

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