Why choose us

At Curro Online, our easy-to-follow online programme presented by dedicated teachers lets your child learn from home using online mediums while still getting the best possible 21st-century education. Our modern online approach and small class sizes provide learners with an inherent sense of independence and responsibility, while preparing them for the workplace of the future. All online lessons and supportive material are included in the school fees, along with all required software licenses.

How does learning work at Curro Online?
Learners enjoy live lessons with teachers on MS Teams, as scheduled according to a structured timetable. All lessons are recorded, and learners can access digital material and recorded lessons online any time of day. These live lessons take place in small groups, and teachers track learners’ progress on a daily basis. They also provide feedback to you as needed.

What are the benefits of online learning?
The greatest benefits of online learning at Curro Online include:

  • Learners work at their own pace within a timetable and have time for self-directed learning.
  • As they learn from home, there is no need for uniforms, travel costs, or boarding school fees.
  • Families that travel often can still enjoy uninterrupted teaching while travelling, as long as they have a stable Internet connection.
  • All classes take place through live lessons with teachers, with no need for parents to teach.
  • Learners with disabilities or other mobility restrictions can access online quality education.
  • There are no distractions from classmates, such as undue conversations or physical bullying.
  • Learners develop valuable soft skills such as self-discipline, communication, creativity, time management, and independent thinking skills.
  • Learning material can be re-watched and accessed at any time, as all classes are recorded.

Is online learning meant for my child?
Curro Online is the right choice for your family if:

  • Traveling to school is challenging due to your job requirements.
  • There is no nearby Curro school or Curro-managed school.
  • You want your child to write the IEB examination at the end of Grade 12.
  • Your child has a disability or medical condition that makes it difficult (or dangerous) for them to attend physical classes.
  • Your child prefers to work on their own, rather than being surrounded by other learners.
  • Your child is self-disciplined, self-motivated and can operate responsibly without parental supervision.
  • Your child needs to continue learning while your family is temporarily out of the country.

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    Quick Facts

    4 to 10

    School times:
    07:30 – 14:30

    14:45 – 17:00

    Class size:
    15 max

    R3 500 – R4 000

    Matric exam:

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